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Empowering Collaboration, Education, Transparency, Accountability & Visibility within the Entrepreneurship & Innovation ecosystem Globally!

“The most important lesson I’ve learned in my 17 year career is that relationships make the world go around. The way you treat and value people and demonstrate that value through genuineness, authenticity, appreciation and accretive value add will be the difference maker in any endeavor you undertake!” – Fredrick D. Scott, FMVA

Fredrick is a visionary leader in private capital markets, focusing on the entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem. As the Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO of VBC Holding Corp Inc. (“VBCHC”) and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Venture Backed, PMI Systems, and GovTech Innovations, he is reshaping the industry landscape with cutting-edge strategies and a groundbreaking digital engagement and social networking platform. This platform drives deeper, more comprehensive collaborations globally, enhances quality education, and embodies transparency, accountability, and unwavering integrity.

Fredrick touts a diverse background as a financial analyst, investor, mentor, and software developer. Recognizing the crucial need for transparency and accountability in managing portfolio companies, he developed the Private Market Intelligence system—a game-changing enterprise-level B2B SaaS solution and an integral component of the Venture Backed platform. At VBCHC, Fredrick has curated an esteemed Board of Directors, C-Suite and Advisory Board comprising current and former Senior Executives from Accenture, Microsoft, Amazon, and key players in venture capital.

Fredrick has completed various industry accreditations, including the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Designation, the Capital Markets & Securities Analyst (CMSA) Designation, and the Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA) Designation from the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI). He is a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional and holds a Diploma in Islamic Finance from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). He is currently pursuing an MBA from the University of London and is fluent in Italian, Korean, and German.

With 18 years of institutional finance experience, including IPOs, M&A, leveraged buyouts, structured finance, balance sheet recaps, capital raising, fairness opinions, analyst opinions, financial modeling and valuation, and institutional credit analysis, Fredrick brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He also has three decades of software development and sever infrastructure development experience.

Fredrick is deeply committed to giving back to the community. He served as a mentor for programs such as MIT Solve, the Northwestern Mutual Black Founder Accelerator, Defy Ventures, Stand Together Venture Labs, and 1000 Black Voices. He sits on the Advisory Board of LabEight*, is a Judge and Mentor for NASA MITTIC, a Founding Member of the NASA MITTIC Partnerships Council, and a Contributing Writer for Entrepreneur Magazine. Fredrick has a profound passion for educating and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and investors within the entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem.


Business Development

Strategy, Corporate Structure, Corporate Governance, Unit Economics, Industry Analysis, GTM, PMF, Customer Analysis.

Board Advisory

Governance Strategy, Governance Implementation, Team Building, Investor Relations.

Founder Mentorship

Ideation, Concept Stress Testing, CEO Development, Pitch Development.

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling, Valuation Analysis, Investor Memos, Target Analysis, Cap Stack Structuring.

Capital Raising

Cap Table Structuring, Equity Raise Evaluation, Debt Raise Evaluation, Term Sheet Evaluation, SAFE Evaluation, Convertible Note Evaluation.

Due Diligence

Company KYB/AML, Founder(s) KYC/AML, Corporate Health Analysis, Financial Analysis, Enhanded DD.





Fredrick's Work in Action

I have over two decades of experience as an operator, founder, and investor. Despite having the honour of funding multiple impressive founders, Fredrick stands out as exceedingly disciplined and strategically progressing his venture with amazing speed, landing significant partnerships early on.

My introduction to Fredrick occurred serendipitously during an event at the FinTech Innovation Lab in New York. Despite being there to support another entrepreneur from our portfolio, his inherent command over finance and business inspired me to be his first check into VentureBacked. Fredrick's methodical approach to problem-solving and his role as the primary software architect were key to my desire to invest, even though Fredrick was not actively seeking funding at that point.

My experience with Fredrick has met and exceeded my early investor expectations. His tendency to overperform has reshaped my perspective on early traction and what is possible. For instance, when he spoke of securing a contract from Accenture quickly, I remained skeptical, given the common hurdles associated with such high-stakes negotiations. However, two months later, he told me of a finalized two-year, multi-million dollar contract. Furthermore, he ushered in an Accenture partner to join Venture Backed's Advisory Board.

As I've journeyed alongside Venture-Backed, Fredrick's unparalleled execution abilities have set a high bar for early-stage founders. His relentless pursuit of innovation and disruption is undeniably transformative for the industry. The ripple effects of Fredrick's influence and Venture Backed's progress are tracking to be groundbreaking for founders and investors alike.

Gilberto Gandra Founder | Investor

Working with Fredrick has been very enlightening. His depth of knowledge from software coding and system design to Business structure is beyond reproach and his willingness to openly share his knowledge and experience with others is truly selfless. Wherever this ship goes, Fredrick is the type of person you want onboard.

Bruce Ross Founder - DQualifier

Frederick has been a valued source to the For(bes) the Culture team. In March, he appeared as a panelist during For(bes) The Culture’s Summit in 2022 – From Hustle Into Flow: Building Wealth Instead of Getting Rich. Most recently, we tapped him to teach a class on Financial Literary for Reporters, which was a class for the Forbes Scholars Academy Program. In all capacities - as a speaker, thought leader and teacher - Frederick was deeply knowledgeable and engaging and provided keen insights about VC, investing and the complex issues around access to capital for Black founders!

Ali Jackson-Jolly Assistant Managing Editor - Forbes

Fredrick was a mentor to early-stage founders working to improve police/community relations. He showed up enthusiastically, encouraged founders, provided them hard but honest advice, and looked to create value throughout the process. His approach was inspiring!

Brian Howe Managing Director - Stand Together Venture Labs

There are few business leaders I've met who have the perfect combination of expertise, hustle, and passion like Fredrick does. Our Entrepreneurs in Training at Defy have benefited greatly with Fredrick as a coach for their businesses. He cares deeply about the high quality of work he brings to the table. As a businessman and mentor, he knows what it takes to bring a company from the ground floor all the way to great heights. His approach is methodical and detail-oriented in a world where that seems to be increasingly rare. Fredrick's energy is infectious and his presence will increase the value and capability of any team he is a part of. I look forward to continuing to work with him.

Kyle O'Connor Senior Program Manager - Defy Ventures

Be forewarned: working with Freddie is not for the faint of heart. He is exacting and will push you well beyond your comfort zone and demand nothing less than excellence at every step along the way. If you commit to the process, follow up and follow through, his mentorship promises to be catalytic.

Kevin Barrow CEO - Mark Labs

Few can make an immediate impact in someone's life and business in the way that Fredrick can. Many people claim to be able to do great things, Fredrick just does them and lets his work speak for itself. He has the capacity to advise or handle the nitty-gritty details while at the same time see the full field of play while providing a strategy to succeed.

He is one of the sharpest, smartest, kindest, giving people that I have met in my life. It is rare to meet someone who can do so much but still works to do so much for others.

If you get a chance to work with Fredrick, do so, not only will your business change but so will your life.

Calvin Williams Jr. Board Member - Freeman Capital

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